Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halo Reach JetPack - Using the Halo Reach jetPack

So if you have the new Halo Reach game you are sure to have by now used the jetpack. The jetpack brings a whole new outlook and means to multiplayer in Halo Reach. Debatably I think the jetpack has very few uses and shouldn't be used when playing on Xbox Live. Yes, maybe to have some fun when you play bad kids but as far as playing arena or MLG, a no go.
Why? All throughout playing Halo through all of the games that came out a part of playing the game was the strafe. A constant moving while in combat with another player to force them to miss at least a few times. In Halo Reach the strafe is still important especially given the terms of how inacurrate the DMR can be. So all this being said, the jetpack gives you a direct line of movement allowing those shooting at you to easily land every shot on your spartan wherever they may wish. So given any decent Halo Reach player they will easily kill you before you get the chance at killing them. This isn't even putting into account the fact that you will have a much more difficult time aiming your own shots at your opponent.
A jetpack, however, can be used in certain gametypes depending on the map and game type. Some maps have strategic locations higher on the map only accessible by jet packers that can give the player a strategic upper hand on the map.
Also in objective play list where you might need to travel from one part of the map to another faster then you could on foot. So the jetpack is useful for moving, not combat.
I think Bungie just issued out the Jetpack to us to give a new little twist to it's previous games. It can be used for a wide variety of stunts and abilities, just not so useful in combat.
I have seen one guy who used it kind of effectively. He would battle normally until he was shot at least once to where he would jetpack over his opponent forcing them to look above them which can sometimes be difficult and not allowing them to get a headshot. Therefore this tactic can be useful if you find the right parts of certain maps to use to get over your opponents. You would also need to make sure that you move only up and not side to side so you can easily rain down shots on your opponent.
Using the Jetpack in Halo Reach can be an exciting and useful feature. I have come to the conclusion that you should not ever use your jetpack unless in close courters combat or simply trying to get to a place you can't get on foot in a safe area.
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