Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Farming Halo Reach Credits

So I bought my copy of Halo Reach at 12:00 the day it came out at Gamestop. Lone did I know how completely awesome this game was going to be. Being the goal-driven individual I am the first thing I seemed to notice about Halo reach was the credit system. I was more then overjoyed at the thought of earning credits through dominating other players and completing challenges. I so much enjoyed this credit system I began to write articles online and began learning and testing new ways to earn the most possible credits I could! Let me walk you through my journey.
So first of all I simply thought that I could earn the most amount of credits by simply annihilating everyone else in the game by simply being the best player out there! Then behold I began to notice slot machine credits. I began to notice the armory. I began to notice that I wasn't, unfortunately, the best Halo Reach player alive. So I learned how the credit system worked and wrote an article over at HubPages about the Credit System.
Once this article went viral I realized I was receiving a load of hits from google with the term. Halo Reach Credit Farming. This is where my journey began. I began to search for and find a few methods of farming credits. ( farming credits is simply getting a lot of credits as fast as possible). I found a few that worked for me and unknowingly posted an article about my best 3 ways of farming credits.Farming Halo Reach Credits.
This soon became a big hit and it made me think even more into the subject. I soon noticed a few flaws in the system Bungie has allowed us to exploit and published two more similiar articles about maximizing how many credits we can make through Halo Reach! I also posted a nice little YouTube video showing you how I did it! Farming Halo Reach Credits on Sword Base.
Another way if you don't want to feel like your cheating can be done by owning it up in Firefight. More particularly Score Attack. Farming Credits on Score Attack.
Well I hope that these articles help you find your way around to enjoy farming credits so you can get that piece of gear in the armory you've wanted so badly!

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