Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Having Trouble with MyWi. Respring? Reboot?

Are you having trouble with your wifi tethering on your Iphone with the MyWi application?

If you want to have this wifi tethering, which is essentially a wireless router to carry around everywhere you go, go check out my other blog post.


Keep in mind this is for a certain type of Iphone and version of software in the Iphone. Make sure you are qualified.

Back to the purpose of this post. Has your MyWi been struggling or been broken because it is consistently asking you to respring and to reboot? Well there is a simple fix.


When it asks you to respring, go ahead and respring until it asks you to reboot. Once it asked you to reboot, click reboot and then hold down the main bottom home button and the top button until it turns off. Keep holding these two buttons until it turns back on. This is how you manually reboot your Iphone, which I am guessing you realized the application does not do for you.

Your WiFi Tethering should work now! If it doesn't leave a comment on why and how and I'll get back to you.

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