Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Unlimited Wifi Tethering for Iphone 3GS 4.0.1

Getting free MyWi tethering For your Iphone 4.0.1

Hey guys, this is a hub response to my last hub.
Guys I am so sorry I didn't get around to this sooner but at least here it is now!
OK, so considering you guys found the last article easy to understand and know the simplicity of using the Iphone's features this will be a really easy guide to follow to get you unlimited MyWi Tethering for your Iphone. I'll break it down into an easy step by step process. Remember you must have completed what I put in my last article for this to work.
  1. Go to Your Rock Application and Delete MyWi off of Your Iphone
  2. Open the Cydia Application
  3. Click Manage at the bottom of the screen
  4. Click on Sources
  5. Now click on edit in the top right of the screen
  6. Now you should see a button appear that says add at the top left. Click it.
  7. Eneter http://Repo.woowiz.net
  8. Now once this is done close Cydia
  9. Reopen Cydia
  10. Click Manage
  11. Click Sources
  12. Click Iwoowiz
  13. Install MyWi ( norock).
Ok, I hoped this helped those who needed the explanation!
See how easy it was to get this done.. Enjoy your unlimited Wifi for your Iphone!

1 comment:

  1. MyWi doesn't work... if you start the app it shuts down immidiately.

    Im using a iphone 3gs 4.0.1